Online Stock Trading Reviews

Welcome!  This site is dedicated to reviewing online stock brokerages.  Whether you’re new to trading, looking for your first broker or you’ve been trading for years and want to find a new broker, our honest reviews should be invaluable.  We take stock trading seriously and will never recommend an online broker we wouldn’t feel comfortable using ourselves.  When forming an opinion about a broker we take into account the following criteria:

Broker Reputation:

We take into account a brokers reputation amongst their peers, in the news media, and most importantly, amongst their customer base.  We’ll let you know what awards, if any, the broker has won. We pay attention not only to the track record and financial decisions of the brokerage itself but of the financial institutions that back them up.  We scour news and periodical archives so that you don’t have to.

Trading Fees:

The fees associated with individual trades are a big motivator when choosing an online broker.  Needless to say, they factor heavily in forming the opinions we express in our online stock trading reviews.  Most companies are upfront with their fee structure but some hide devastating fees in the fine print.  We sift through that fine print so that after you choose a broker there are no surprises.

Broker Incentives:

In order to be competitive many online brokers offer incentive to customers.  If a friend wants to start investing, some brokers will pay for your referral when they open an account.  We tell you which brokers do this and how much they offer.  Not satisfied with your current broker?  Many brokers will pay your transfer fees for you.  We’ll tell you what companies make transfer easy and free.  We’ll tell you what companies offer a certain number of free trades a month based on the size of your account.  If a company offers any type of incentive at all, you’ll know about it.

Trader Education:

Most online stock brokers have live-streaming tickers that show you what’s currently happening in the market.  This feature is pretty standard.  However, not all brokers take the time to help educate their customer base.  The more information you have, the greater the likelihood of making intelligent decisions and trades.  Better trades equals more wealth.  We let you know what companies offer trader education and who does so in best, most helpful manner.

Conclusion: Online Stock Trading Reviews:

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope our online stock trading reviews will help you choose the online stock broker that is right for you.


Finding the Right Online Stock Trading Software

Online stock trading is one of the most popular ways of earning money but there are only a few people who know the secret in gaining success on this field. But don’t worry there is an online stock trading software that you can buy and use to your advantage. You can choose a specific software that really suits your own trading style. When you have an idea about how to use this software, it shows that you have enough knowledge in trading stocks online. There are numerous software available in the market that can surely help you with your technical needs that will make your work faster and more efficient.

You can choose from software that offer delayed quotes and market depth or you can also have software that offers real-time market access. There are others that offer great charting which is very important in online stock trading. They offer a customizable chart, advanced order-entry and programming API. So before you decide to buy a software, you need to make sure that you know what features you will need and look for in it. As the software includes several features, the price also increases so make sure that you will buy the right software that contains all the features you need. Continue reading

Online Stock Trading Simulations

Technology has indeed offered a lot of big trade offs for the un-savvy and the not-so techie netizens—as how most people are called who are glued to their internet, computers, IPods and other technological gadgets almost 100% of their waking time.

It fascinates me that online stock trading and in simulated mode is actually online and available now.

For those interested in stock trading and are fascinated at how multinational companies earn money without spending a single centavo but only tricks that stock traders use, there are several sites that one could visit and check into. Continue reading

Online Stock Trading Reviews

Investing in stocks online has changed over the years, with investors already having lots of opportunities because of new products and services offered by online stock trading companies. There are many investment options offered and investors can also acquire more online education and learning through new social networking features offered. Many online stock brokers have also lowered their fees and commissions while also showing more value to investors in terms of resources and market research tools.  The real and potential gains that investors can get will also be getting more realistic with these tools used.

There are online stock trading reviews that traders and investors can have as their resources. Through these stock trading reviews they can have a good look on the best online stock trading company they can possibly get. They can have areas in these stock brokers that they have to look out for, like commissions and fees, research and marketing tools used, customer service extended, and other areas of importance to look into. With these reviews, an investor can have comparisons and get the best resource as basis for getting the best online stock broker for him. From the reviews he can also have ideas on customer satisfaction that a stock broker has. Continue reading